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    Our Honey, Your Health!

    At Bloom Honey our mission is to make our pure, raw varietal honey an everyday part of your healthy lifestyle.  Your body will thank you for it.

    Raw honey sourced straight from the beehive is one of nature's perfect foods.  It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, and also contains live digestive enzymes, local pollens, propolis, amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and pre & probiotics. 

    At Bloom Honey, we extract single floral varietal honey straight from the beehive and deliver it to you the way our honeybees created it - 100% raw and pure.  It's that simple.  

    Our honey is never pasteurized or filtered. We gently heat it just enough to facilitate bottling, but never near the temperature that will degrade its nutritional quality. We allow all of the pollen grains, propolis, and nutrients to pass through to you intact. 

    Each single floral varietal has its own personality - a unique flavor, color, and texture. Every jar of Bloom Honey is a truly unique manifestation of nature's creation.


    Bloom Honey is a member of True Source Certified, an organization whose members certify 100% of the honey they market is produced in the United States. We are also members of California State Beekeepers Association, the American Bee Federation, and the American Honey Producer’s Association. In addition, we will donate a portion of our annual profit to Project Apis m, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining the health of the honeybee and researching colony collapse disorder.

    Perfect for Gifts as well as Fund Raising for all Organizations who appreciate Quality Products!